Small Group Specialized Private Training

Group Training Details
Small Group Training consists of 3 - 8 players per group. We focus on individual foot skills and all the major technical/skill components associated with the sport of soccer. Each training session is based on the individual player or each small groups developmental needs. The best situation is to get a group of friends or teammates together and sign up for some Small Group Training. You can request a specific customized training program as well.
Examples of Technical Skills
  • Fast Footwork Skills
  • First Touch & Receiving
  • Short Passing
  • Receiving Balls In The Air
  • Bending Passes
  • Working On The Less Prominent Foot
  • 1 vs. 1 Moves & Fakes
  • Various Shooting Techniques
  • Long Passing
  • Heading
  • Chipping Balls

$50 per player - (3-4 players to 1 coach)
$45 per player - (5-6 players to 1 coach)
$40 per player - (7-8 players to 1 coach)

Scheduling & Location

Scheduling and location of all sessions are made between you and Coach Griffin and or another member of his staff. In addition, the coach is paid by you at the beginning/end of each session. Each session is 90 minutes in length.

Contact Coach Griffin to set up Small Group Training at
 315-254-8701 or


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